Our History:  1971 - Current


Continental Steel Fabrication Company began was founded by Robert and Carol Bisbee.  It began from simple beginnings: building conveyor systems and baghouse equipment for the automotive industry, as well as for a variety of other industries. Early clients included the General Motors plant in Oklahoma City, the Armco Steel Corporation, Bow Wow Dog Food, and Alpo in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company enjoyed steady growth since 1971, rising to meet new challenges of technology and industry growth.


During the 1980s, Continental Steel added commercial work such as office buildings, parking structures, warehouse mezzanines, ornamental metals and building renovations.

Continental Steel has enjoyed stead growth since 1971. Founder, Robert Bisbee, continued to find new ways to utilize his talents and resources to benefit the people and communities around him.

Carol Bisbee worked with her husband at Continental since it was founded in 1971.


Robert Bisbee, President and Founder Continental Steel, continued to run the company until he passed away in 2009. After Robert Bisbee became ill, Carol continued her role and, at his request, became President/Secretary when he was no longer able to work due to illness.


Carol actively worked at Continental Steel since it was founded in 1971. She continued to run the company until the sale of Continental Steel in January of 2011, performing an array of administrative duties as the company grew from a two person office to what it is today.

Carol continued as a full time advisor to the Executive Board of Continental Steel through the 1sth quarter of 2011, when she retired from a full time leadership position to travel; however, she remains an important and active member of the company’s Advisory Board.

The Bisbee’s grandson, Marshall, remains with the company as a valued Engineer and Project Manager.



Michael D. Frost, PhD and CEO

Michael D. Frost, PhD, bought both Continental Steel and Conveyor Company and the Lawson Steel Erection Company in January of 2011 after considering more than a dozen other companies. Both Continental and Lawson companies have significant and profitable histories in the Midwest.

Forty-five years earlier, Frost created, developed and owned Educational Resources, Inc., an international publishing house for nursing located in Kansas City. He sold Educational Resources in June of 2008. Frost had grown Educational Resources from a counseling practice in Kansas City in 1965 into an international resource for nursing schools and students around the world, wherever English was spoken in a nursing program.

As the CEO of Continental Steel, Frost brings his 45 years of management, marketing and growth experience to the new steel company named Continental Steel Fabrication. The Lawson Steel Erection Company is now an independent subsidiary of this new and much larger company.

Combining Frost’s 45 years of management and creative marketing experience with the 40+ years of Kamal Mikhail’s experience in the construction business, creates new, dynamic leadership for this company.

Continental Steel and Lawson Steel Companies have bid, or now have, fabrication and steel erection projects in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska.

The Continental Steel Fabrication Company is growing into a dynamic, positive force in the American Midwest, and we are very happy to be based in Kansas City.

Kamal Mikhail : Vice Chairman Board of Directors

In 1966 Kamal Mikhail completed a degree of Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Accounting with a Minor in Business. Kamal began his industrial construction career in the United States during January of 1970 as a Senior Accountant with the Ohio Road Improvement Company in Columbus, Ohio.

In March of 1971, Mikhail joined the United Construction Company as a comptroller, but soon became Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of  Company in Kansas City, a company known for heavy highway and bridge construction.

In 1991 Mr. Mikhail left United Construction Company to take the position as Chief Operating Officer and a Financial Advisor to the President of Killough & Dumber in Lawrence, Kansas.  This company was sold to Hunt Midwest in 1995 after much financial and territorial growth for the company. 

Following the sale of Killough & Dunber, Mikhail joined Stratco Engineering and Technology Company  in Kansas City, serving there for five years as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

In the Fall of 2000 Mikhail was made President of Harris Construction, a commercial construction company, with offices located in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. He was appointed President in August of 2000.  It was then that Mikhail realized that there was a need for a strong, successful, integrated steel erection company in the Kansas City area that could help his business grow. This would be an erection company that could begin a project and then end the project on schedule.

Soon, Kamal found an opportunity to invest in such a company, and he bought a partnership in the Lawson Steel Erection Company.  Originally, Mikhail saw the Lawson Steel company as an excellent, financial investment. Soon, however, his potential leadership was recognized by his partners who made him President of the company, and under Mikhail’s leadership, Lawson Steel became a wonderfully successful and viable steel erection company, doing business throughout Midwestern United States.

Throughout his first 40 years in the construction industry, Mr. Mikhail worked in most, if not all, aspects of  commercial and infrastructure construction projects. The Lawson Steel Erection Company was sold by Mikhail and his partners to an investor, Michael Frost, who was then purchasing Continental Steel Fabrication and Conveyor Company of Kansas City, Missouri.

Lawson Steel became a wholly owned, but independent subsidiary of the Continental Steel Fabrication Company on January 3, 2011 with Kamal Mikhail serving as president of both steel companies.

Throughout the US heartland from a base in Kansas City, both steel companies under the leadership of Kamal Mikhail are experiencing successful, financial growth in the recovering steel erection and fabrication market, testifying that in the end, moral and professional business practices can survive and do prosper in America.

Extremely High Employee Retention Rate

Continental Steel has an extremely high employee retention rate. In fact, some of its employees have been around since the company’s inception in 1971. Continental Steel’s Project Managers boast regular client and establish relationships. Continental Steel’s shop employees are members of the Ironworkers Shop Union, while the field employees are members of the Ironworkers, the Millwrights or the Operating Engineers.